Hydrogen Production and Storage as an Enabler of Industrial Renewal in Central Finland (HyPER)

Project focuses on establishing a hydrogen production and storage testing site utilizing Anion Exchange Membrane Electrolyser (AEMEL) technology, digital infrastructure and models, and bio-based materials for hydrogen storage. The main activities include designing and operating the hydrogen production platform, developing system models and business case concepts, and exploring carbon, metal-organic framework (MOF), and zeolite-based materials for hydrogen storage.

HyPER aims  help position the region as a clean energy innovation hub, attracting research institutions, startups, and collaborations to accelerate technological advancement. Through demonstration campaigns, HyPER can promote public awareness of hydrogen as a clean energy source, educate the local population on its benefits, and support hydrogen-related initiatives and policies. By achieving these goals, HyPER can significantly contribute to Finland’s clean energy transition.

Why hydrogen?

Hydrogen is seen as a missing piece of the clean energy transition and is likely to significantly transform energy value chains in the following years. It has the potential to decarbonize many aspects of human activities, including industrial production, energy generation, transportation, and food production.

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