Hydrogen production and storage project kick-off meeting

Photo of meeting roomThe kick-off meeting for the Hydrogen Production and Storage as an Enabler of Industrial Renewal in Central Finland (HyPER) project was held on February 1, 2024, at VTT in Jyväskylä, Finland. The meeting was attended by representatives from various companies and organizations, both in-person and online.

The HyPER project aims to provide industrial renewal in Central Finland by focusing on anion exchange membrane (AEM) electrolysis technology and finding means to store hydrogen using solid materials. The project has four main components: Anion Exchange Membrane Electrolysis, Digitalization, Hydrogen Storage, and Business.

During the meeting, the composition and responsibilities of the steering group were discussed. An overview of the HyPER project was presented, and the work packages were presented by various members of the project team. These included coordination, hydrogen production platform, digital hydrogen and business landscaping, hydrogen storage in materials by adsorption, and communication and dissemination.

Representatives from partner companies also gave their comments and raised questions about the project. These included questions about the efficiency and scalability of the AEMEL technology, the impact of the electrolyser on power systems, and the potential for business opportunities in the hydrogen economy of Central Finland.

The HyPER project is an exciting development in the field of hydrogen production and storage, and it will be interesting to see the progress and results of the project in the coming months.

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